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Latest survey – thank you to everyone who responded – the group will publish its findings as soon as we can.

Patient representation plays a crucial part in helping the practice identify what it can do better and what is important to patients. For the past few years the range and knowledge of health services available to patients has expanded dramatically and this has resulted in a greater demand for GP and nursing time both in person and over the telephone. This has led to many competing demands on our limited time and as a result makes it harder to provide a first class service.

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has helped to identify some of the underlying problems as well as shape what we can do. Working together with the PPG we hope to improve local awareness about services, the appointment system and the functioning of the practice; as well as develop the skill mix at the practice, all of which we hope will bring benefits to our patients.

You asked us to keep you updated on the doctors currently working for the practice, especially the GP Registrars (doctors completing their vocational training) so we have all the details on the page titled Our Doctors in The Practice section of this website.

We are also helping to promote local services in particular support for carers. If you are a carer you can contact the Practice Carers Champions – Ellie Barrie & Becky Holford by ringing East Leake Health Centre or click here to email them marking the email for their attention and letting them know how you would prefer to be contacted.

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