Friends and family test


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The Friends and Family Test

The NHS Friends and Family Test is a quick and simple way of collecting patient feedback to improve services.

Your response is anonymous and you will be able to complete the friends and family test online or post a postcard in a ballot box in our GP practice reception on your way out of the surgery.

If you are unable to answer the question, a friend or family member is welcome to respond on your behalf.

The Friends and Family test results will be published on our website and updated regularly.

The information will give our GP practice invaluable feedback on what you think of the care and treatment you have received, which along with existing ways of gathering feedback, will help us to make improvements and improve the experience for our patients.

The Friends and Family Test has already been successfully rolled out in hospitals across the country and is proving to be valuable in obtaining patient experiences. For more information on the Friends and Family Test, please visit

To access our 2 Minute Survey inlcuding the Friends and Family Test click here