ELM Group – Dispensing patients

Elm Group is pleased to announce that we are able to dispense medicines to some of our patients.

Our Doctors Dispensing Team based at Sutton Bonington can dispense to all patients who live more than a mile from their nearest pharmacy.

You can use the following postcode checker to find your nearest pharmacy and also if you are eligible for us to dispense your prescriptions

Check your postcode below:



Alternatively you can call our Sutton Bonnington Dispensary on 01509 672229 for further information or if you are unsure of your eligibility.

For many years GPs have been able to dispense medicines to their patients who live in more rural areas. The benefit to those patients is that they do not have to take their prescription to a pharmacy to collect their medicines, but can have them dispensed all in one visit from the GPs premises.

The legislation surrounding GPs dispensing only allows for GPs to dispense to their patients living more than a mile from their nearest pharmacy. This means that only about a quarter of our patients will have the benefit of this new service we are able to offer. We are able to dispense to patients living in the villages of Sutton Bonnington, Hathern, West Leake, Rempstone, Bunny, Bradmore, Long Whatton, Normanton, Willoughby-on-the-wolds, Wysall and Widmerpool.