ELM Group – Travel advice service

Travel advice and some vaccinations are available for NHS patients registered at the Practice as well as non-registered patients who require a private service. Click for Information.

Travel questionnaires can be downloaded for you to complete and hand in at reception at least 4 weeks before you travel. Please note that for some countries in Africa and Asia you will need a course of vaccinations that will require an appointment 3 months before your travel departure. (Link to our charges below)

Global Vaccine Shortages  – August 2017 – Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B

 We are at present unable to obtain any more of the above vaccines and as our existing stock is now critically low we have to follow the national guidelines and prioritise its use for only those who have already been exposed to the risk of infection.

For more information click Hep A or Hep B

Please note that you need to have registered as a patient with ELM Group prior to completing a travel questionnaire unless you are confident the vaccines you require are not available on the NHS and that you are in possession of a personal vaccination record.

We cannot give travel advice and vaccinations on the NHS to patients who are not registered at ELM Group.

Please return this form to reception if you require travel vaccines: Travel questionnaire

Non-registered patients

Non-registered patients will be charged for any travel vaccinations that may be required.

For non-registered patients who require any private vaccinations we do need a full vaccination status history and current medication list

All patients –

Please see our charges here