ELM Group – Blood pressure management

Blood pressure management

Our nurses will monitor and perform regular 6 monthly checks on patients with high blood pressure in accordance with the guidelines for the management of hypertension. At your check up the nurse will take BP and pulse; test urine annually; check weight and smoking habit and advise accordingly.


To reduce mortality and morbidity from raised BP
To maintain or improve the quality of life of the patient with raised BP


To provide advice to promote and sustain healthier lifestyle
To monitor the effect of treatment and arrange future reviews
To educate patients about their medical problem and associated risk factors


We are adopting a mobile phone text-based service to communicate with patients with high blood pressure
Florence or Flo is a computer program that can prompt you to take your blood pressure at home then advice you on the best course of action based on the result
Using Flo can reduce the need to come to the health centre and give you more control over your condition
Please ask a GP or nurse about this service