ELM Group – Teaching & Training

Accredited Teaching Practice

ELM Group has taken part in teaching medical students from the University of Nottingham for many years. In addition to this the practice provides placements for foundation year doctors and GP Registrars who are in the final stages of completing their qualifications.

To ensure these doctors are provided with the highest quality of training ELM Group and its doctors have completed a detailed accreditation process and our lead training GPs undertaken a professional training qualification.

Medical students

The students find their time at the practice invaluable. They learn from the many patients who kindly give their time to talk to our students about their medical condition, and allow the students to examine them. Learning directly from patients gives the students real life experiences to help them to make sense of the enormous amounts of information they have to learn.

Patients also enjoy meeting enthusiastic young students, and feel they are giving something back to society in return for the care they have received at ELM Group.

We currently teach three different years of undergraduates covering a wide range of topics.

Doctors in training

Our Foundation year doctors and GP registrars are fully qualified doctors who often have a great deal of hospital experience. They are attached to our practice for several months and patients find their fresh, enthusiastic approach adds to the health care we provide.

Occasionally surgeries are recorded, this offers an opportunity for discussion between the registrar and their trainer. If the doctor plans to record your consultation, your consent will be sought both before and after the consultation. If you wish to decline to be recorded you may do so. At all times patient confidentiality will be maintained.

Our GP Registrars are all at various stages of their training and are at all times encouraged to seek advice when required from the practice partners.

We are confident that our trainee doctors give our patients modern, effective and caring treatment.